REmote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring
For Your Generator

PM Technologies now partners with a national wireless provider to offer a comprehensive remote monitoring program to our commercial customers that provides real-time monitoring 24-hours a day. Remote monitoring is a cost-effective and easily-accessible solution to collect and read data about your emergency power system. Alerts are sent to you and our service department when your generator registers an issue or failure. Then, we can immediately develop a plan for repair. Fast notification and response minimizes the severity of repair and maintenance issues in your commercial generator as preventative maintenance extends the life of your system. Our wireless monitoring system is compatible with any make or model of generator and requires no integration with your building’s IT infrastructure.

PM Technologies’ wireless generator monitoring is designed to serve emergency power systems. It monitors engine operations and provides diagnostic data at all times. This service ensure routine maintenance is completed appropriately as the system notifies us of needed work.

Its like have a technician on site 24 hours a day

Commercial generators spend much of their time at rest, waiting for an emergency to arise. When the time comes, you need your emergency power solution primed and ready to step in during a power outage. Remote generator monitoring is key to keeping your emergency power system running at optimum levels. 

Our service department is standing by 24/7 to respond to emergency notifications from your power system when you work with PM Technologies for remote generator monitoring services. When a problem is identified, our team works quickly to find a solution so you are never without reliable back up power. 


Web-based reports are available from anywhere so you always know where your system stands. Planning for a severe weather event is easy when you can look up the status of your emergency power system at all times. You will be notified instantly with reports and alerts via email, text, or a phone call. Typical reports include system status, last update, and summary report.

  • System-wide statistics and generator engine data
  • Reduced risk of generator failure
  • Data monitoring to predict upcoming needed repairs
  • 3rd party documentation so there are no billing surprises
  • Timely preventative maintenance

On Time Fuel Deliveries with Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring systems ensure you are never low on fuel. The system will send a message to you and us informing us that the fuel tank is almost empty. We can then order the fuel directly and have it delivered to you, without any hassle for you!

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