Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring For Your Generator

To maintain the performance and value of your home standby power system, it’s important to complete all necessary preventative maintenance services in a timely manner. It’s also important to be aware of any issues that may arise over time so you can address them before they turn into larger issues. We make this easy for our customers with accessible, convenient, and user-friendly remote generator monitoring. This gives you real-time status updates and alerts about your home generator, and enables you to stay on top of any needed repairs. It also alerts our service team so we can help ensure your emergency power system is ready to go when you need it most.

Our remote monitoring program will send you a text, email, or call whenever your generator runs or if there is a problem with your generator. It also provides critical generator engine data to you and our service staff within moments of an alarm or failure, which effectively results in increased generator availability and a rapid response to any service problems. Plus, our wireless monitoring system is compatible with any make or model of generator.

“It’s like having a technician on-site 24 hours a day!”

With instant communication and system-error messages sent to both you and our service department, no generator maintenance issue is overlooked. A PM Technologies factory-certified technician can immediately assess any problem and prepare an appropriate resolution to ensure uninterrupted emergency power to your home.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Real-time system statistics and generator engine data
  • Reduced risk of generator failure
  • Data monitoring to predict upcoming needed repairs
  • 3rd party documentation so there are no billing surprises
  • Timely preventative maintenance

Web based reports are easily accessible for our customers, anywhere, any time. You instantly receive reports via email, text message or phone call from PM Technologies service department. Typical reports include system status, last update and summary report.

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Power Monitoring With Sense

PM Technologies is proud to offer Sense, an award-winning energy monitoring program. With wireless integration, Sense allows you to track your household energy usage from the palm of your hand using your smartphone or tablet. You can view detailed reports and monitor whether important appliances like your sump pump are functioning as expected. Not only can you make smarter choices and save money with Sense, but you can also avoid disaster by being aware of what appliances are running or running too much.

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