Megger Testing

Megger Testing for Commercial Generators

Over time, oil, dust, humidity, age, and excessive heat can weaken your commercial generator's insulation. Further, electrical and mechanical stress can also weaken your system’s electrical insulation. This decay can negatively affect the function of your commercial generator's alternator and transfer switch, however with routine megohmmeter (MEGGER) testing by PM Technologies, we can provide a conditional analysis of your alternator or transfer switch and verify the condition of electrical insulation. If megger testing shows faultiness in your commercial power system, our expert techs can provide immediate repair to correct the hazard.

Megger Test – Electrical Insulation Testing

PM Tech’s professional megger testing is another valuable asset within our comprehensive generator testing services. We utilize an insulation tester resistance meter to execute your electrical insulation testing and understand your system’s insulation resistance quality. As your commercial generator ages and undergoes wear over time, it’s necessary to routinely check the insulation resistance of your equipment to avoid any hazards that could be detrimental to your system and facility. An annual megger test will give you confidence from the alternator to your transfer switch.

Our goal is to support your system’s optimum performance. Megger testing ensures your emergency power system is prepared to handle your facility's power demands when an emergency happens. By testing your commercial standby power system’s electrical components for underlying problems in a controlled state, the megger test allows for a proactive indication of potential problems so they can be resolved early on. For medium voltage switch gear and generator systems, ask us about high potential (“HIPOT”) testing.

Benefits of Industrial Megger Testing

PM Tech utilizes preventative maintenance protocols like megger testing to support and enhance your emergency power system's long-term function. While system wear over time is expected, we never want your industrial backup power system to put you in a compromising situation – it must perform correctly every time! When appropriate maintenance and repair measures are consistently implemented, it’s possible to predict when equipment issues will arise so they can be resolved proactively. With professional megger testing, you’ll benefit from:

  • Proactive Equipment Condition Analysis
  • Reduced Risk of Emergency Power System Failure
  • Insured Availability
  • Predictive Repairs
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Equipment Life Expectancy

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