Transfer Switches

Commercial Generator Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are an integral component of your commercial emergency power solution, ensuring the immediate and automatic transfer of power from the utility to your industrial generator the moment your system recognizes an interruption. We understand that it is critical to prevent any wasted time in transitioning your power source during a power outage to help you avoid loss of data, interrupted production, financial loss due to downtime, and more. PM Tech offers all types of commercial and industrial transfer switches for a wide range of amperages as well as multiple voltages, including service and non-service rated transfer switches, as well as those that are fit for indoor or outdoor use.

Transfer Switches for Industrial Generators

In selecting a transfer switch system that fits the needs of your facility, PM Tech can help you understand your options. Open-transition switches can be an option for businesses that can afford a momentary loss of power during an outage, whereas standard or “fast” closed-transition systems may be more preferable for critical infrastructure that cannot experience even a few seconds of interrupted power. We also offer delay-transition systems for businesses that can handle a longer loss of power, but still need a way to protect their machines and facility from power surges.

Customized backup power solutions from PM Tech are built to manage your facility’s unique power needs. We can have your automatic transfer switch selectively power critical circuits, while shedding unnecessary circuits, to target emergency power right where you need it. Whether you want to keep power to a minimal number of circuits, or power your entire facility, we can customize your control system to suit your comprehensive power needs. 

Transfer Switch Maintenance & Testing

Routine transfer switch maintenance is critical for your business’ emergency or standby power system. Our trained commercial technicians can complete your routine testing in accordance with NFPA 110 to make sure your backup power system is prepared to perform when any power interruption occurs. Depending on the type of transfer switch your facility has, our technicians can perform the proper testing sequences to verify your system’s performance. Without the proper testing and maintenance, your transfer switch could fail to perform when you need it most, rendering your commercial generator useless during a power outage

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