Remote Monitoring

Wireless Generator Monitoring System

PM Technologies proudly partners with a trusted national provider to offer our customers a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for remote generator monitoring. This provides you with real-time status updates and monitoring of your home generator, and any performance issues are immediately flagged to initiate a timely assessment and repair or service. Should our remote monitoring service detect an issue with your backup power system, it will send you instant communication notifying you of the issue. It will also notify our team so that our service technicians can work with you to address the issue quickly.

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Remote Monitoring for Your Residential Generator

Don’t wait for the next big storm to find out that your home generator has a problem. Ensuring proper maintenance of your home’s backup power system is simple with PM Technologies’ wireless generator monitoring service. Opt to receive emails, text messages, or a phone call from our service department to be notified asap if our system registers a performance issue with your generator. 

Your home generator will require maintenance at some point to maximize its lifespan. But, PM Tech is here to help you stay ahead of any problems, so your backup emergency solution doesn’t turn into a disaster. With our remote monitoring, we consistently check all aspects of your unit and deliver you web-based reports featuring summaries and updates about your generator’s function so you always have a complete picture of its health. 

Benefits of Wireless Monitoring

A reliable home generator remote monitoring system protects you from unexpected system failures and ensures timely preventive maintenance for your backup power system. This is critical for extending the life of your unit and protecting your home against power outages. Some of the benefits of remote monitoring include:

  • System-wide statistics and generator engine data
  • Reduced risk of generator failure
  • Data monitoring to predict upcoming needed repairs
  • 3rd party documentation so there are no billing surprises
  • Timely preventative maintenance

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