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Residential Backup Power Solutions

At PM Tech, it's important to us that your life is uninterrupted when the power goes out. From technology and appliances to HVAC and plumbing systems, electricity is needed to power almost every aspect of your home. PM Technologies’ home generators and residential power solutions, including transfer switches and remote monitoring, keep your life moving. We are deeply committed to learning about each of our customers in order to serve their unique needs. Our turn-key residential standby power solutions guarantee a stress-free experience – we take care of the complicated and technical aspects of home generators, like installation, so you don’t have to.

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Monitor Your Home’s Power Remotely

The cost and interruption from a power outage can be significant to your family. Remote power monitoring is a convenient solution available from PM Technologies to keep a constant watch over the quality of your home’s power. Our state of the art remote monitoring system notifies you and our service team the moment your unit detects an issue so that we can proactively resolve any issues and ensure your standby power is ready at all times.

Our remote generator monitoring service is just one way we are committed to ensuring your generator's long-term success, and your ultimate home comfort. If something goes wrong with your home’s backup power solution, you don't want to find out in an emergency. 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services from PM Technologies mean your system will never take a day off.

Generator Solutions for Your Home

PM Tech offers a variety of emergency power solutions for your home. Maybe you just want to protect some essential home functions in the event of a power outage, or perhaps you want your family life to be completely uninterrupted – Your home generator can protect your property value and power the comfortable lifestyle you expect. Our team can determine the best size generator for your needs and complete every aspect of installation and initial inspection. PM Tech is also there for you well into the future with our trusted residential generator service programs to keep your unit functioning optimally at all times.

We Power Your Peace of Mind

You have enough to worry about, losing power shouldn't fall into that category. Enjoy the uninterrupted quality of life you deserve. Contact us!

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