Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring for Your Commercial Generator

PM Technologies’ partnership with a national wireless monitoring provider gives you real-time critical updates for your commercial generator so you always know the status of your backup power system. When our monitoring system registers an alarm or failure, a notification is immediately sent to you and our service experts for immediate resolution. Our certified technicians are ready to respond 24/7 to safeguard your facility’s backup power system.

Receive Commercial Backup Power System Updates From Anywhere

Remote monitoring of your commercial backup power system ensures no problem is overlooked. You don’t want to wait until a power outage to find out about a failure with your commercial generator. Our real-time monitoring and system updates not only keep you informed, but facilitate timely preventative maintenance, as well as emergency repairs.

You can also access data and performance trends about your commercial generator from anywhere, putting full monitoring power in your hands. Routine system maintenance and constant monitoring are key to protecting your company from the perils of a power outage. 

Benefits of Industrial Generator Monitoring

PM Technologies’ wireless generator monitoring brings additional value to your commercial power system. Our turn-key backup power solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, paired with real-time status and performance updates, reduce your risk of generator failure. The remote diagnostics offered by this system include:

  • System-wide statistics and critical engine data
  • Data monitoring to predict upcoming needed repairs
  • 3rd party documentation so there are no billing surprises
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance and fuel deliveries
  • No infrastructure investment required

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