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Did you know that you can protect your home from ever losing power again? Living in the Great Lakes region comes with beautiful landscapes and outdoor fun, but it also comes with extreme weather that can knock out power in an instant. PM Technologies is committed to powering your home to endure any storm with our reliable home generators and backup power systems. Residential standby generators are always ready to supplement your home’s utility power at a moment’s notice to bring you 24/7 power security and peace of mind, so you can enjoy your life. 

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Backup Power For Any Home Emergency

No matter the size of your home or the size of the emergency, PM Technologies can help you choose and install the right emergency power solution. Home generators come in a wide range of sizes to suit what you need. If you want to just power a few critical appliances, a 5,000-8,000 watt generator might be a good fit. For higher power demands to keep every circuit running in your home during an outage, we may recommend a more powerful unit, such as 20,000 watts or more. 

Our team can test the power load of your home to find the best home generator for you. Your security and comfort are important to us, so we want to be sure your unit is perfectly fit to power your needs. We’ll also complete the professional installation of your generator and transfer switch so you have ultimate confidence in the performance of your emergency power system.

Generator Installation & Maintenance

Choosing the properly sized generator for your home is just the first step. The installation and initial testing of your home generator is very important in ensuring its successful functionality. Our trusted equipment manufacturers recommend seeking out professional generator installation to prevent damage to your home, unit, or a faulty install. Our trained technicians will properly test and complete warranty paperwork to protect your investment during the installation process. And beyond the initial installation, PM Tech offers comprehensive maintenance plans to help you keep your unit operating optimally at all times.

We Power Your Peace of Mind

You have enough to worry about, losing power shouldn't fall into that category. Enjoy the uninterrupted quality of life you deserve. Contact us!

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