Transfer Switches

Automatic Residential Transfer Switches

PM Technologies is proud to offer trusted solutions from leading manufacturers for automatic transfer switches that spring into action the instant your home requires backup power. You don’t want to be struggling to power up your home generator after the power goes out. A transfer switch is installed with your home generator to respond during a power outage, so you don’t have to! When the automatic transfer switch measures a drop in the utility load bank, the switch transfers the load to the back-up generator to provide a constant electrical current to your home, keeping your power on! Transfer switches are a critical aspect of any emergency home power solution – ensuring your home generator functions automatically, as you expect it to.

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Testing Your Home Transfer Switch

At PM Tech, we want to make sure your home generator is prepared to step in at any time. Proper testing of your transfer switch is an integral part of our recommended routine maintenance for your backup power system to ensure your system is responsive and ready to operate as it should in a power outage. 

Your unit may sit unused for a period of time if there are no power outages, so running a professional power system test is a great way to make sure your generator and transfer switch are ready for a real emergency. Our technicians can execute this by shutting down utility power to verify your transfer switch initiates the power transfer to your home generator seamlessly. This test can be done periodically, or in anticipation of severe weather events. 

The Importance of Transfer Switch Maintenance 

The role of an automatic transfer switch in your home’s backup power solution cannot be understated, as it’s responsible for managing the automatic response of your generator. If the transfer switch is not working correctly, then it won’t be available to transfer the power load, and your power may be interrupted, defeating your ultimate goal! PM Technologies is dedicated to the long-term performance of your backup power system, and we’re happy to assist you with the monitoring and maintenance of your home’s automatic transfer switch so you never have to worry. Our team is here to help – contact us today!

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