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Used Backup Power Equipment For Sale

PM Technologies offers used backup power equipment as a quality alternative to purchasing new equipment. While new equipment will ensure you benefit from the latest technology available, a pre-owned generator or used standby power equipment may suit your budgetary requirements. In any case, your facility needs adequate protection against power outages and utility interruptions and an affordable pre-owned system can resolve that need. PM Technologies will work with you to make sure any used equipment fits your needs and that all commercial regulations or maintenance protocols are up to date. 

Pre-Owned Generators For Sale

Pre-owned generators can provide emergency power to support your home or facility needs during a power outage, in most cases just as well as new equipment. We only sell high-quality used generators to make purchasing pre-owned standby power equipment a secure option for your family or company. Our inventory of used generators varies often and typically sells quickly, so contact us today for more information if you’re searching for a used or pre-owned backup generator. 

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Sell Us Your Generator

If you have a generator that runs well that you would like to sell, contact PM Technologies today. While you may no longer have a need for your generator, it could be the perfect fit for another facility. We’d be happy to learn more about your equipment and see if it might be a good fit for our inventory. If so, we will evaluate your unit to verify it’s performance and ensure it’s safe for resale. We are always accepting pre-owned generators, so give us a call today!

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