Power Outages

Don’t Get Left in the
Dark Again

Losing power is just plain disruptive. No TV. No Internet. No air or heat. You don’t have to settle for your life being upended because the power went out! Take control of your life with a whole-home generator from PM Technologies:

  • Automatic power restoration for the duration of the outage
  • Comfortable indoor climate and air quality
  • Open the fridge without fear of spoiling food
  • Phones and other devices always kept charged & working
  • No stumbling around in the dark looking for flashlights that have dead batteries
Turn My LIghts Back On

Outage? Don't Be Left in the Dark! 

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Affordable Solutions for Every Budget!

The total cost of a home generator largely depends on what you want the generator to do for you and your family. Do you want to insure your entire home, or just your key appliances and some lighting? PM Tech takes the following factors into account during a quote, and will work with you directly to construct a package tailored to your specific household power requirements:

  • Power Load (Whole Home vs. Major Appliance)
  • Unit Size & Location
  • Home Size & Structure
  • Fuel Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Installation

Don’t Fall For the “Big Box” or Online Illusion - It Could
Cost You!

A whole-house generator is a serious purchase. Don’t fall for misleading pricing at the big-box or online “super” stores. Their advertised price does not cover the installation, delivery, install, permits or other issues due to the “one size fits all” approach they use. And who do you turn to for after-sale warranty or service support? Usually a third-party company you’ve never dealt with before and now have to waste time explaining your case to a “1-800” rep with little to no knowledge of generators.

PM Technologies sells what we service and services what we sell. We know that everyone has unique power needs. We never make you deal with anyone other than us. We’re not a jack-of-all-trades offering HVAC and electrical contracting work. Generators are all we do and have been doing for the last 22 years. This is why we’re the best at it.